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February 15, 2018

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October 3, 2017

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Wedding Insurance Guide: How to Decide If You Need It

February 7, 2018

As a general rule, but especially when it comes to Wedding Planning, no one likes to buy anything that they may not need to use, but Wedding Insurance should be an exception to that rule. It doesn’t matter how large your Wedding budget is or how many people you plan to invite, Murphy’s Law can always pop up at the least expected time, and depending on the situation, Wedding Insurance may be the only thing keeping you from losing thousands of dollars! Continue reading to learn the basics of Wedding Insurance and how to purchase it for your big day.




No matter if this is your first Wedding or your fourth Wedding, you still may not know what to expect on your Wedding Day. There are so many moving pieces and external variables, which can lead to opportunities for unexpected things to go wrong. Imagine if one of the following scenarios occurred on your Wedding Day:



  • Your Wedding Venue unexpectedly closes, you lose your deposit and have to book another venue at a higher price

  • The photographer gets into a car accident and cannot make it to the ceremony, which causes you to have to hire someone else at a premium rate on the day of the Wedding

  • One of your guests has a little too much to drink, knocks over a lit candle and burns a hole through one of your table linens

  • Your Wedding is scheduled during Hurricane Season and your Wedding Venue becomes damaged and inaccessible due to the weather

These are all scenarios where Wedding Insurance can help minimize your financial responsibility, protect your investment, and give you a little peace of mind.



Typically Brides purchase Wedding Insurance online and the average cost for a policy is around $250-300. Depending on your specifics and how much coverage you would like, the price may be higher or lower. Some online resources to purchase policies and learn more about coverage are WedSafe.com