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Our Bridal Helpline Wedding Planners are experienced Wedding Planners with credentials from the top Wedding Planning programs in the US, including:

Our Bridal Helpline Planners are Wedding Industry professionals who understand the technical aspects of Wedding Planning and are adequately prepared to advise you on Wedding Industry best practices. Hailing from across the United States, their cheerful personalities and problem solving mindsets are the foundation of what makes The Bridal Helpline work to ensure Brides everywhere are getting the advice they deserve.

Meet the Bridal Helpline Planners

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The Bridal Helpline is the first service of its kind that provides you with on-demand access to Wedding Planners who have been through the wedding planning trenches.  Our Helpline Consultants are your extra layer of confidence when it comes to making those final decisions you may have researched hundreds of times.

Frequently Asked Question

How is

The Bridal Helpline


Frequently Asked Question

Can I use The Bridal Helpline if I already have a Wedding Planner?

Certainly! If you are already working with a Wedding Planner and just want a second opinion, we are here to help! Our goal is to fill in the gaps during your Wedding Planning process and make your life easier, no matter where you are in the process! 

Our Bridal Helpline Planners have experience in a wide array of ceremony types across different cultures and religious background. If you are looking for help pertaining to a specific type of faith-based or cultural wedding ceremony, please indicate that upon booking and we will certainly be glad to help!

Frequently Asked Question

Are Bridal Helpline Planners experts in all faith and cultural based ceremony types?

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