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Is The Bridal Helpline for Me? 

Whether you have a self-proclaimed Type A personality or simply enjoy the challenge of being creative, The Bridal Helpline is perfect for you if you’ve made the empowering decision to plan your own Wedding.  Wedding Planning can be a monumental feat and we want to be your Wedding Planning BFF to help you develop solutions specific to your Wedding journey.  

YAY! Now, in your Wedding Planning notebook, you can confidently cross out Find Wedding Planner!

Scheduling Your Bridal Help Session

Getting Wedding Planning help is easy! Select your favorite Bridal Helpline Planner and schedule your session.  

Bridal Help Sessions can be reserved with your Bridal Helpline Planner as far as a week in advance or as soon as 24 hours before you need to chat, so you have plenty of time to gather all of your Wedding Planning questions.  

Bridal Helpline Planners have time slots available everyday from 9:00 AM CST -10:00 PM CST. 

New, weekly availability for our Bridal Helpline Planners is released every Wednesday. 

Be sure to check back often to see when your favorite Bridal Helpline Planner is available!

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Perfect for the bride who has a few specific wedding planning questions or needs a second opinion on anything from Wedding invitation wording, ceremony order, to tablescape décor and floral selection. This session is ideal for brides who are confident in their plans thus far but need that little extra bit of reassurance from our Wedding Planning experts. Common topics discussed include: 


  • Wedding Invitation Wording

  • Wedding Registry Options

  • Review of Ceremony + Reception Timeline

  • Suggestions on Wedding Reception Elements

  • How to approach your Wedding Guest List

  • Wedding Guest Etiquette

  • Wedding Fashion + Beauty Trends

  • Wedding Signage Guidance

Minute Bridal Help Session




Schedule 1
Schedule 2


Minute Bridal Help Session


  • Floor Plan Suggestions

  • Current Wedding Industry Decor Trends

  • Tablescape Decor Planning Options

  • Ceremony and Reception Timeline Planning

  • Ideas on how to incorporate Future In-Laws

  • Transportation Planning

  • Recommended Wedding Vendor Questions

  • DIY Wedding Centerpieces How-Tos

Ideal for the bride who needs more detailed guidance related to such topics as Wedding Day Timelines, Food & Beverages options, and tablescape ideas. This session gives you the freedom of brainstorming and asking questions without feeling limited by time. Common topics discussed include: 

Want More Information? 

Learn how your Wedding Planning can benefit from The Bridal Helpline by exploring our FAQs

When I started planning my Wedding, I didn't realize how many questions I would have! For example, when it came to my Day of timeline, I didn’t know where to begin to efficiently plan the day.  My Bridal Helpline Planner was able to help logically plan my timeline without making me feel overwhelmed. 

Madison R., Bridal Helpline Bride

When talking with my Bridal Helpline Planner it felt like I was talking with a friend.

Rakeyeta S., Bridal Helpline Bride

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