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What the heck is The Bridal Helpline?

The Bridal Helpline

Basically, The Bridal Helpline is one of those Wedding Planning things you didn’t know you needed. Being the first service of its kind, The Bridal Helpline provides you with on-demand phone access to a certified Wedding Planner for planning help when you need it! Let’s be hones, Wedding Planning is a completely unique experience for every bride and in most cases you have to do what fits your specific situation. Therein lies the beauty of The Bridal Helpline - for 25 (or 50) minutes you get a Wedding Planner ALL.TO.YOURSELF. without the cost or long-term commitment associated with hiring a full-time planner. You have the freedom to ask them any Wedding Planning question that comes to mind - about your colors, your ceremony, your invitations, etc., etc. It’s kind of like talking to your fiance about Wedding Planning... except you can expect an answer based on actual experience. #NoOffense

We’re sure you’re wondering who these mysterious Bridal Helpline Consultants are and why you should trust them - great question! Our Consultants are Wedding Planners who have at least 2 years worth of Wedding Planning experience and are based in multiple cities across the US. They have seen everything from Brides running through Times Square to Grooms almost missing the ceremony. They each have Wedding Planning Industry certifications that make them Wedding Planning Superheros and most importantly, they have a passion for helping Brides make it to their Wedding Day with flying colors.

The Bridal Helpline isn’t here to replace your Wedding Magazines, Blogs, Pinterest Boards and opinions of your married girlfriends. We’re here as a layer of confidence as you go through your Wedding Planning journey. Can we be part of your #BrideTribe?

Want to know more? Check out our FAQs.

Ready to book a session? Click here!

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