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Style Trends for the Modern Groom

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According to Courtney & Donnell of Mr. Baldwin Style

We are often approached regarding the latest trends on men’s style, particularly as it relates to grooms. Many grooms have a general idea of how they want to look for their wedding day, but don’t exactly know how to pull it all together. We are here to equip you with styling essentials that will have you looking your best for your special day!

1. BOWTIES. Bowties are a style staple for the modern groom. Contrary to popular belief, bowties are not just a fad and have been around longer than those who have recently discovered they like wearing them. However, gone are the days of the pre-tied bowties you find in the discount stores or even the ones you’re encouraged to rent from the local formalwear shop. The sign of a true gentlemen is learning how to tie your own bowtie. You wouldn’t wear a clip-on necktie would you? Before you walk down that aisle, learn how to tie a bowtie. Check out for some of the best bowties for your wedding look. Additionally, instructions on how to tie your bowtie can be found on youtube or you can just call us for a consultation.

2. TUXEDO SHIRTS WITH HIDDEN PLACKET. The dress shirt you choose to wear with your suit or tuxedo is crucial. But instead of hunting down the typical tuxedo shirt with those removable stud sets that could fall out while you’re dancing at the reception, there are designers that are creating beautiful dress shirt options that have a hidden placket which essentially covers the shirt buttons ( This is not necessarily a new concept, but this trend is a relief to grooms who don’t want to choose the traditional route. You won’t have to worry all night about losing studs from your shirt!

3. TAPERED TROUSERS. Grooms, the fit of your trousers is SO important. We can not stress this enough! Most brides have a few different fittings before the wedding day. Brides want to look perfect for that special day. Why shouldn’t you do the same? Men, I don’t care if you’re 140lbs. or 440lbs, your pants should fit you perfectly – not too small and certainly not too baggy. A popular trend right now is a tapered leg. This provides a sleek look that will work exceptionally well for your wedding. If a tapered leg is not your thing, opt for a straight leg. Either way, they should be worn on your true waist and have a minimal break at your ankle to minimize unsightly pools of fabric around your shoes. Ill-fitting trousers just screams you don’t care at all. Take a little extra time and strive for excellence. You’ll want to feel and look your very best.

4. TIMELESS FOOTWEAR. Many guys feel it’s okay to wear their old dusty, turned up church shoes for their wedding. It’s not ok; Buy some new shoes! The wrong shoe choice can make or break a look. Why half step for your wedding day? Pun intended. One really cool shoe we’ve recommended is the Chelsea boot. Chelsea boots are amazing because they are timeless, streamlined, and great for a Fall or Winter wedding. You’ll be able to wear these again and they look good with jeans or to the office with the right pair of trousers. Also, avoid footwear with overtly squared or pointy toes. It looks dated and has been a styling eye-sore for nearly a decade. A simple classic rounded-toe blucher, loafer or wingtip will do the trick.

5. COLLAR PINS & CUFF LINKS. Collar pins and cuff links are a great way to implement your personal style. Collar pins are a great solution for keeping your tie and collar in place if you are planning to wear a necktie. Typically, these pins are found in gold or silver. Select one that is consistent with the rest of your look. For example: If your blazer is navy with gold buttons, follow suit with a gold collar pin. Collar pins give you an extra touch of dapper that will separate you from the average groom. It’s all in the details.

Cuff links are typically worn with French cuff shirts, which a lot of men wear for special occasions. Be wild and free in your cufflink selections! There are so many options out there. Vintage stores have the best ones! …And they are usually reasonably priced.

6. POCKET SQUARES. Pocket squares are a great way to add dimension and a finishing touch to your look. Remember to select wisely for your wedding day. The key is to add a pocket square that will nicely complement your bride and not be a distraction. Our opinion is that your bride should stand out, not your loud neon-colored pocket square! Less is more, so tone it down.

7. BELTS. On a properly fitted suit, a belt is unnecessary. When you go for a fitting, have your tailor remove your belt loops because you wont need them! If you’re the type who has to wear something around your waist, choose a classic cummerbund or add SUSPENDERS (also known as “braces”), which will give you a very handsome, debonair look. Something about suspenders just exudes sophistication and confidence. CAUTION: Only choose one of these style essentials. Wearing suspenders and a cummerbund together is a major faux pas.

8. VESTS. Are you planning to have your groomsmen wear a vest? Maybe you plan to wear one too. Either way, please be careful and take heed to our advice: This can go wrong very quickly! Avoid matching the wedding colors to the bridesmaid dresses or attempting to match the wedding décor. Most often it looks like a prom look from the 80s and that’s not what you’re going to want to look back on for your wedding photos. The key is to be timeless. Choose a vest that is the same color as the suit. Leave the pop of color for a small boutonniere. Some guys are not getting married in full suits and like the vest look. In this case, make sure the vest fits your torso as well as your tailored jacket would. Since you’ll be showing more shirt, make sure it’s tailored nicely as well.

9. SOCKS. A lot of men assume they have to wear socks on their wedding day. Truth is, you don’t. I (Donnell) personally, only wear socks to workout or during the winter months to stay warm. If you decide to wear socks, Be INTENTIONAL. Add a pop of color, polka dots or stripes for an unexpected touch whimsy. You could also keep it simple by matching the socks to your pants or shoes, but preferably, the shoes. Please take note: Your socks should only be shown while you’re SEATED. Your socks should not be visible as you walk down the aisle. It is an element of surprise!

10. BOUTONNIERES & LAPEL PINS. Many guys are starting to enjoy the non-traditional elements of personal style as it pertains to their jacket lapels. Fabric lapel pins are rising in popularity as more and more grooms realize they have options outside of that large flower that matches their wife’s bouquet. These vary in size and color and can really add something fresh to your blazer. You can find excellent options of floral pins at Fleur'd Pins. The best thing about this option is that you can wear it again!


Donnell and Courtney Baldwin are dynamic married entrepreneurs and the fashion gurus behind the New York based brand, Mr. Baldwin Style.

Together they co-authored the book, GROOMS: A Professional Stylist’s Guide to Wedding Day Apparel for Every Budget, which was written as a style and go-to guide for the modern groom. In this book, the authors provide insight on how to begin the selection process of your wedding day attire, how to master your look, and how to save a little money in the process.

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