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Make Your Own Flower Crown!

The Bridal Helpline Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are one of the most whimsical and romantic wedding trends to date. The ethereal nature of the flower crown has the potential to make any bride instantly feel like a fairy princess. They can be as simple or as complex as you want. One of the best part about flower crowns is that they are super easy to make and can be replicated for brides, flower girls and dogs alike! If you’re making your own Bridal Bouquet and have some left over flowers, a flower crown is the perfect way to not waste those precious pieces that didn’t make the bouquet cut (See what I did there? LOL). Here some steps we found in creating your own flower crown headpiece.


The Bridal Helpline Flower Crown


Measure the floral wire around your head and cut to the appropriate size. Leave a little extra room with the wire to accommodate for the flowers. Once you have the correct size, take each end of the cut wire and create a hook and secure with floral tape.

The Bridal Helpline Flower Crown

If you want to use the optional ribbon, use the cut floral wire as a guide to determine the correct length of the ribbon. Before cutting the ribbon, ensure you have at least 3 times the amount of ribbon as you have floral wire to ensure there is enough fabric for a tail for the crown. (You can always cut this based on your preference!)


Lay out your flowers around the wire in the manner you would like to see your flowers. With our flower crown, we decided to wrap the entire crown in the eucalyptus to ensure there are no exposed areas of wire showing. You can also use ribbon, hemp or raffia for this step as well. Should you decide to do this step, start your eucalyptus or ribbon at the same location where you just secured the ends of the wire. Take the floral wire and wrap it around the end of the stem. From there, decide what other areas of that stem you want to secure and then secure with floral wire.

The Bridal Helpline Flower Crown

The Bridal Helpline Flower Crown


Once the wire is covered with your stems or ribbon, you can now start placing your flowers on the crown. Place the end of your stem on the crown, from there secure it with floral wire just as you did in Step Two. Continue this step until your crown has all the flowers you would like secured.

The Bridal Helpline Flower Crown

The Bridal Helpline Flower Crown


Voila! Once you’ve tried on your crown, you should ensure it’s in a cool environment (like a refrigerator) to help with the floral preservation until your Wedding Day.

The Bridal Helpline Flower Crown

The Bridal Helpline Flower Crown

Here's how ours turned out!

If you’re making your flower crown, the best time to make it is the night before your wedding depending on the flowers you use. Once you remove the flowers from water and cut the stems, you are shortening their time span. However, this should NOT be the first time you attempt to make your crown. Allow for a couple of practice runs under your belt and it should be a breeze the night before your big day!


Here are some of our favorites of this awesome Wedding trend:

The Bridal Helpline Flower Crown

For more great tips and #WeddingHacks, be sure to schedule your BRIDAL HELP SESSION today!

The Bridal Helpline Flower Crown
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