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5 Tools Every DIY Bride Should Use

5 Tools Every DIY Bride Should Use

Thinking about planning your own wedding? Check out our recommended collection of MUST USE online wedding planning tools to keep you sane and prevent you from turning into a Bridezilla!

Let’s face it, we all love our bridesmaids, but sometimes we don’t always mesh when it comes to fashion, colors, and what they will be wearing when they stand on your side at the altar. Brideside is a great service that simplifies this process by pairing you with a virtual personal stylist to find a variety of dress options for your bridesmaids to wear that are all in your desired color pallette. Once you find options you are comfortable with, you can then share them with your bridesmaids and let pick the ones they are most comfortable with, or if you are feeling festive you can host a fitting party where Brideside will send you up to 10 different dresses for your bride tribe to try on!

If you are choosing not to hire a wedding planner for your big day, making an accurate floor plan may be one of your biggest challenges. AllSeated is a free tool that helps with this process by allowing you to use drag and drop features to add tables, chairs wall, staging, and almost anything else to a floor plan with any dimensions you specify. You can even see it in 3-D as you are going through the process if you need to get a better visual!

As much as we all love our grooms to be, sometimes they just can’t be trusted within picking out a suitable look for your wedding. Menguin is an online tuxedo rental tool that gives you the option of creating an entire look for your groom (yes, even the shoes!) and having it shipped to his front door. He will receive it about 2 weeks before your big day in order to take care of any issues with sizing. On top of the phenomenal ease of using the service, they even have a tuxedo you can rent for your dog!

This is the quintessential online source for wedding invitations! Wedding Paper Divas offers full invitations suites to cover every aspect of your wedding celebration all the way from you engagement announcement to your post wedding brunch. You select your design, customize your text, pick your paper, upload your guest list, and voila.. Just like magic your invitations will appear on your doorstep. And don’t worry, they even have this handy dandy bridezilla-proof tool to help you craft the perfect language for your invitations if you need help!

And last but certainly not least AND we may be slightly biased, but what girl wouldn’t want on-demand access to their own personal wedding planner at only a fraction of a cost of hiring one full-time! This service gives you back hours and hours of time that you would spend researching online and also makes your fiance happy because you are saving money in the process! Starting at $29/session is is a win/win providing On-Demand Access with No Commitments at a Low Price, so schedule your sessions as soon as possible!

Did we miss one? Leave us a note below and let us know your favorites!

5 Tools Every DIY Bride Should Use

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