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Secrets to Nailing your Wedding Tablescape

Wedding Tablescape Secrets_The Bridal Helpline

HERE'S A TRUTH: Tablescapes in any form are fun. Whether it’s for kid’s birthday party, annual holidays, Galentine’s Day, or family gatherings - tablescapes are just plain fun to create and admire. However, when it comes to Weddings, you should strive for a tablescape that is not only beautiful, but functional. The challenge can arise when you see all of these amazing Pinterest-worthy tablescapes, but have no idea where to start or don’t have any idea as to how functional it is based on your details. We want to provide you with some helpful tips you can use when planning your perfect and swoon-worthy Wedding Tablescape.


Consolidate all the high level information you have about your Wedding - your venue, floor plan, food service style (buffet or seated), your guest count, and the time of year of your event. (These are just a few items to start with as you may need to take into consideration other items). Once you’ve gathered all this info, then begin to think about your color palette and theme, if you have one. Have all of this information quick and easy to access.


Once you have gathered all of the above information, review (or develop) your reception floor plan. Is it comprised of round tables, square tables, estate tables, or King’s tables? Once you floor plan is set, you can decide how many different tablescapes you can have or want to design. You may want to do multiple variations or you may want to stick with one type of tablescape. It all depends on your style preferences and decor budget.


Start with one type of table on your floor plan - this may vary if your floor plan is comprised of various table types i.e. a Sweetheart Table versus a head table, etc.). For purposes of this blog, we will start with a traditional round guest table. However, before we start with the fun part, make sure you know how much you want to spend on decor. This BUDGET is critical to knowing whether or not, you’ll be using folding chairs or chiavari chairs! (Need help planning your budget? Check out our blog on Developing your Wedding Decor Budget!)

Now, back to the table - one helpful trick we learned is think about where your guests will be spending the majority of their time. If they will be spending a good amount of time at their table, then you should plan to spend a bit extra time, attention (and maybe budget?) on the tablescape. The reason for this is to help set the atmosphere and tone of the event and ensure your guests have beautiful things to see and admire during their time at the table.

The first design area of the tablescape we like to approach is the TABLE LINEN. Linens come in so many different colors, fabrics, and textures and you so many different options to choose from. So think about what color and fabric you want to the be the anchor in your room. You may decide to have multiple linen colors, but first select what type of linen you want on the majority of your tables.

Once you’ve selected your TABLE LINEN, then move onto your NAPKIN. At this stage in the process, don’t become concerned with the napkin fold, just yet, but select the fabric, color and texture of the napkin. PRO TIP: Be sure to select a napkin that is functional and guest can use. Selecting a lace or sequin napkin is probably not going to be that useful during the meal!

Next, determine what type of CHAIR or CHAIR COVER you want for your table. Ideally, you will select one that complements your TABLE LINEN and NAPKINS. However, this is one of those areas where it is SUPER critical to know what your budget is. There are so many different and wonderful types of CHAIRS available and if you’re not careful, you’ll spend the majority of your budget on CHAIRS.

Next, let’s talk CENTERPIECES. This is usually everyone’s favorite part - probably because flowers are amazing. Anyway, decide what style of CENTERPIECE you like. Do you like tall centerpieces? Do you like short centerpieces? Do you want them to ‘fade’ into the background but still encourage conversation? If you don’t already know what you like, poke around on Pinterest and see what piques your interests. Once you decide what you like, capture a picture of it and imagine it in the center of your tablescape.

Next, consider OTHER DECOR. Based on your CENTERPIECE, is your tablescape crying out for more decor like votive candles or taper candles? Do you want to have additional accents like CENTERPIECE uplights or ribbon? Or do you want to include individual flowers or stems at each guest seats? The possibilities are endless!

Next, determine if you want to use CHARGERS. CHARGERS add an extra layer of elegance and sophistication to any tablescape. Sometimes they are left on the table during the meal and sometimes they are removed before the meal is served. CHARGERS can also be helpful in establishing each guest’s place setting. Once you decide if you want CHARGERS, this is also a good place to determine your NAPKIN fold.

Next, we have our CHINA, FLATWARE and GLASSWARE. While these items are standard to any tablescape, there are SO many options available. There is more traditional CHINA, FLATWARE, and GLASSWARE or this is modern options like square dinner plates or rose gold FLATWARE! Select your favorite and add it to your tablescape!

For the final, finishing touch, determine what type of STATIONERY you want to include. STATIONERY can range from menus, to thank you cards, to seat cards, to table numbers. This is a place where the personality of you and your fiance can really shine. Your options range from sleek, modern printed menus to luxurious, romantic seat cards with calligraphy. And while it’s amazing if all of these items coordinate, just remember they don’t necessarily have to be the same. They can be items that are from a STATIONERY suite, or they can all the same color, but different styles (THINK: Bridesmaids Dresses).

And there you go! You’ve successfully designed your Wedding Day Tablescape! The approach we used is a layered approach that allows you to build from the “bottom” up. In building from the bottom up, you ensure there is consistency across the different layers, and you can adjust as needed as you are designing your final Tablescape. Cheers to your AMAZING tablescape creation!

Still need help with planning your Tablescape? Schedule a Session with a Bridal Helpline Planner to talk through your Wedding Day Tablescape details!



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Wedding Tablescape Secrets_The Bridal Helpline

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