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Create the Perfect Wedding Guest List

Guest List - schmest list - who needs one?! Y-O-U...you need one...especially if you plan to make it to the other side of this Wedding unscathed by your Mother, your FMIL and your fiance.

If you chat with any recently married couple, it's likely you'll find that creating the Wedding Guest List was potentially one of the hardest parts of the Wedding planning process. Typically, this is because a wedding is such a significant milestone, couples often want everyone to take part in the celebration.

In addition to the excitement, there so many etiquette questions that also have to be answered:

Who do you invite? Whose rules of etiquette do you follow? How many people should you invite? How many people should you let your parents invite?

No matter what initial conclusions you make about your guest list, reality always sets in once the wedding budget has been defined. Your guest list impacts every element of your wedding - especially your wedding budget.

Download our guide that outlines our top 3 tips to create the perfect Wedding Guest List!

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