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Certified or Nah? The relevance of a Certified Wedding Planner

Certified or Nah_TheBridalHelpline

We all know Wedding Planners can come in MANY forms and offer a wide range of advice. Realistically, how is a Bride to tell the difference between all the different types of wedding planning advice available? The answer to this question is one of the reasons we created The Bridal Helpline. We wanted to provide Certified Wedding Planners to ANY Bride, especially to those who made the #epic decision to plan their Wedding themselves. Simply because in addition to regular life activities (work, shopping, being amazing, etc.), planning a Wedding can be a huge undertaking - for you, your fiance and anyone else who comes across your path during your wedding planning journey. We want our Brides to feel like there is someone there they can lean on to give them proven and validated Wedding Planning advice. Enter CERTIFIED WEDDING PLANNERS. Keep reading to learn more about what a Certified Wedding Planner is and why we want you to have them.


A Certified Wedding Planner is a Wedding Planner that has completed a set of thorough in-depth training courses related to every element of wedding planning and every element of having a successful Wedding Planning Business.

From ensuring that contracts adequately protect their Brides to seeing their couples off on their honeymoons, Certified Wedding Planners not only have the experience to produce phenomenal weddings for their Brides, but they also have passed a rigorous written exam to prove their knowledge base.

Simply put, someone who has been there and done that...many, many times.


Certified Wedding Planners are a special class of people. They understand the theory and principles of why you shouldn’t be charged for those Wedding Room Blocks or how to negotiate with vendors to provide you with the best deal. Certified Wedding Planners have studied Wedding Industry Best Practices all while staying relevant on current Wedding trends. And because they immerse themselves in all things Wedding, they can easily apply this knowledge and expertise to ensuring your Wedding Day is exactly how you imagined it would be.


We select Certified Wedding Planners for all of the reasons named above. The service is designed to provide our Brides with the best and brightest the Wedding Planning Industry has to offer. And we thought the best way to do that was to tap those Wedding Planners who have invested in their craft by learning as much as possible about the Wedding Industry and who desire to bring their knowledge to Brides.

The Bridal Helpline takes pride in each of our Certified Wedding Planning Consultants. They have a passion for Brides from all backgrounds and strive for the joy of assisting you with your perfect Wedding Day.

Click here to meet your new Wedding Planning BFF courtesy of The Bridal Helpline.

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Certified or Nah_TheBridalHelpline

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