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Five Steps to Making Your Wedding Decor Budget

Grass Wall Wedding Ceremony Backdrop

One of the most amazing elements of a Wedding is the atmosphere and ambiance that can be created by your Wedding Day decor. The powerful visuals of decor have the ability to transport your guests to a completely different space or at least to the creative space inside your Wedding Brain and Wedding notebook.

One question Bridal Helpline Planners often receive is how much should you budget for your Wedding Day decor. And while that is a loaded question based on a number of variables (i.e. guest count, indoor vs. outdoor Wedding, type of meal service, your personal style etc.), we hope this helpful list will help you narrow down your decor budget to a number that won’t make your fiance faint!

ONE: Define Your Style. The answer to this will help you determine every element of your Wedding Day decor. Do you like more modern elements (brass/copper wire flower vases, edison bulbs, etc.) or do you like more traditional elements (round, white rose centerpieces, solid color linens, etc.)? This is key to the process because it allows you to outline and focus on the things that truly fit your personality. Another way to help define your style is to identify your celebrity fashion + style icons. If you could exchange closets with anyone, would you choose Kate Middleton, Beyonce, Lauren Conrad or Rihanna? Each of these celebrities have very different styles. Identifying which one resonates most with you will help you determine what items you may want to see on your Wedding Day.

TWO: Define Your Wedding Day Vision. When you think about your Wedding Day, what are the things you see? Do you see whimsical draping? Do you see an over-sized paper flower wall? Do you see an intimate sweetheart table adorned with flowers? This is the fun part of planning the Wedding. Daydream about your Wedding Day and write down every element you think you would like to have. Don’t consider budget at this point (there will be plenty of time for that), but list all the items you can’t imagine your Wedding Day without.

Small Blush Rose Sweetheart Table Centerpiece

THREE: Match Your Style With Your Vision. When you start matching your style with your vision, you’ll take your Wedding Day elements and add them to your style. For example, if you’ve identified your style icon as Kate Middleton (we would identify her style as classic, elegant, but youthful), and you know that you want to have a sweetheart table. Ask yourself, what would Kate Middleton’s sweetheart table look like? She may choose classic flowers like white roses and soft pink hydrangea displayed in an elegantly in a rectangular vase.

It may seem weird, but daydreaming about a Celebrity’s Wedding Day is going to help you with designing your own. So now that you think you’ve figured out what you think Kate Middleton’s Wedding may have been like, you can now take those same elements and apply them to your Wedding Day. Be certain to apply it to every area of your Wedding Day - your altar, your guest chairs, your cocktail hour, your sweetheart table and guest tables, etc. If you can, you should try to find Pins or other visual representations of what you want to see. This will also help with the planning and budgeting process because if you have a picture of what you’re looking to do, then you take out the guesswork of the decor planning and budgeting process.

FOUR: Determine Your Design Priorities. Prioritizing the elements that are most important to you will make the decor budget conversation easier. Once you’ve identified the elements that are the MOST important to you, rank them in priority order. You can do that by asking yourself, if I only had a limited budget, what are my MUST haves? What items will make my Wedding Day INcomplete if they aren’t there? Just as a warning, this might be a tough internal conversation for you to have. You may want EVERYTHING, which is obviously the goal, but keep in mind, you may be forced with a tough decision about whether or not to have gold rimmed chargers versus having a paper flower wall.

FIVE: Review Your Wedding Budget. Once you have determined your design priorities, you have to take the (not so much fun) step of looking at your overall planned expenses for the entire Wedding. There are some expenses you are going to have no matter what (i.e. Venue, Catering, etc.), and it is important to know what all of these “must have” cost are before determining how much you should spend on decor. Once you have this amount, you can then look at your design priorities and do a little bit of research to figure out an estimate of how much these decor items may cost you. You should then be able to add your decor estimate together with your “must have” Wedding items (i.e. Venue, Catering, etc.) to get a good idea of your overall Wedding cost. If the total amount fits it with what you and your fiance’ have already discussed, then great! You have just figured out how much to spend on Wedding decor! If not, you may have to go back and look at your design priorities and/or figure out how to reduce cost on some of those “must have” items.



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Wedding Decor Budget Tips

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